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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  January 19, 2018 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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how to do that, don. >> jeff zeleny at the white house. jeff, i want you to stand by. we're going to get to our other players in just moments. i think it's important to let this play out. there are ten seconds left officially until the top of the hour until there is an official government shutdown. your lawmakers now still working to try to come up with something, but obviously that will be too late. here's the breaking news. it is midnight. no deal. this is cnn tonight. i'm don lemon. a shutdown of the federal government is now beginning. senators still on the floor intensely negotiating. negotiations are contining past the deadline even though the deadline is midnight, and that is when the government officially shuts down. but there is no deal yet. and that means a shutdown is under way. i want to get to cnn's phil mattingly. he was on capitol hill. jeff zeleny joining us again from the white house. phil mattingly, to you first.
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take us behind the scenes. still negotiating going on, but the deadline was midnight. midnight is here. >> reporter: that's exactly right. i think it's important to note, don, that it's very clear that the deadline itself is arbitrary in terms of what's actually hatching on t happening on the snoot floenate. there have been intense negotiations, negotiations at the leader level from mitch mcconnell and chuck schumer, walked off the floor together, were pitching different ideas back and forth for a potential resolution to this. at one point i'm told democrats pitched the idea of keeping the government funded through january 29th. why does that matter? well, the state of the union is on january 30th. that was considered a non-starter by republicans. it was rejected. what you're watching right now on the floor, if you look at that group that's cloistered in the middle of the floor right now, it is almost entirely democrats with senator lindsey graham, a republican, sitting at the center of them. don, we've talked about this
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repeatedly throughout the night. senator lindsey graham has been proposing a three-week continuing resolution, basically saying that the current funding bill that would go till four weeks, reduce that to three weeks, give people the opportunity to work on a resolution for the daca issue, work on a resolution for a two-year spending bill, the myriad of issues that are still out there right now. that is his pitch. the groups have been going back and forth. republicans were circled journalistjust a short while ago around mcconnell. schumer was surrounded by democrats talking about the pathway forward. that's when senator graham came over. what you've seen is basically an impassioned plea on the floor by senator graham to his democratic colleagues, trying to get them on board. here's the big issue as i'm told right now. democrats are looking for something. democrats have already rejected in a closed door meeting earlier tonight and a couple times on the floor this idea of a three-week short-term funding bill. the question becomes are they willing to just move on into
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this shutdown that has already begun, as you talked about, don, or are they going to continue to talk and potentially move towards where senator graham's proposal has been? that is still an open question. this is live. this is all happening right in front of you right now. that's the behind the scenes. that's where the talks are. i've been told by multiple republican staffers that they didn't think anything was going to be finalized tonight. the parties were too far apart. but they were more than willing to continue having the discussions, trying to see if there was some way out of this kind of box canyon that they've all found themselves in this evening. that's what you're watching. it could come to an end shortly. i think the people -- i can tell you this in texting back and forth with people, people are starting to get frustrated that they're not totally sure that a resolution can ever be reached at this point, at this hour, with all the dynamics that are at play. but those are the discussions that are ongoing. they are trying to avoid this. but at this point, they haven't actually figured out a way to do it, don.
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>> reporter: the white house calling it a schumer shutdown, blaming democrats, saying that they will not negotiate until they vote for this. but, don, the reality here is that does not offer much of a pathway forward as phil mattingly was just explaining the scene there. and that is an extraordinary scene we're seeing on the left of the screen. again, you would wonder why this hadn't happened earlier, but you see mitch mcconnell, the senate republican leader, john cornyn, the number two republican in the senate, not part of the discussion that is going on behind them. but it is democrat votes that they are looking for, for
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whatever solution they are trying to find to come out of 60 votes here. but, don, as we sort of take stock of this, it will be an indication to see what the president decides to do tomorrow. he was scheduled to go to florida. that trip now obviously off. next week, he was scheduled to fly to davos, switzerland, to attend the world economic forum. that trip very much in peril. with a government shutdown, it's very difficult for the president to travel. we saw in 2013, president obama had to cancel one of his foreign trips to asia because of a shutdown. those are the ramifications at this point. even more so, specific agencies like the cdc, some 63% of the workforce furloughed. of course we are heading into a weekend. the white house believes there will not all right, jeff, standby, phil, i want you to stand back in here. talk to me about the democrats
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and republicans who switched side and across the isle on this vote and how important was that on this significance. >> first, you can break it down in a couple of different ways. first, you have five democratic senators vote for the government spending bill or vote to continue to move forward. where did those senators come from? they come from states that president trump in 2016 as candidate trump won handedly. there is a lot of political dynamics at play here. there is also a recognition according to multiple sources inside senator schumer office that there were senators were not going to be with them. they were almost released and it is a vote however they see fit. their electoral prospects are more important in keeping all 49 senators together if you will. now you had two republican senators who voted pretty much
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against every bill. they want a better budgeting process and long-term funding bill and major spending cuts so. they're kind of baked into a short term c.r. and you have senator graham and jeff flake. senator graham where you see on the floor right now continuing o f the resolution is one of the central player of the daca issue. he's a coauthor to deal with that issue and of the proposal that the president rejected. you also have senator jeff flake, he's also in the game of six related to the bipartisan proposal. his reason for opposing this is also immigration related. one of the issues and one of the promises that was made to jeff flake to ensure his vote was that there would be a vote on an immigration proposal to address the daca issue in january.
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that has not happened because that commitment has not been kept up to this point. he's also opposed. you see a lot of dynamics that's at play. there is a reason why the vote has broken down as it has. there is a reason why there is a bipartisan group of members that opposed this and a bipartisan group that were for it. this is not as clean issue. there is complicated dynamics in both parties here. one of the key reasons why in terms of pathway forward of what's most interesting to see is how these dynamics break down in the days ahead and what the pressure turns into that's put on this red state democrats and how people like lyndsey graham clearly at the forefront trying to figure out the solution right now and strike a deal and address what's going to happen in the future on daca and far more align on democrats on that, right now in terms of trying fie find a resolution in the near terms. all of those things are at play right now. basically, it under scores it, it is not easy and not going to
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be clean. these are all calories players akey players playing ahead. >> so we see some key players there on the senate floor. you see chuck schumer who's sitting down elizabeth warren is wearing purple there. it is hard for make out for me. i know at home with your tv, you can see these people. you have al number of key players that's still there in the middle on the senate floor. what is left to be done here. what's happening? >> the best i know right now according to sources that i have been talking to. you can go around the circle of senator schumer right now. senator elizabeth warren is
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front and center and mark warner and senator bennett in colorado is a key player and senator chris kuehn and a democratic that's trying to find a pathway. he said republicans need to analyze how someone like me is willing to vote against the funding bill. in other words, how can chris kuehn come across this isle that's so frustrated and willing to vote no. what you are seeing in realtime and living color is what's going on booiehind the scenes in a cld door conference tonight. the result is voting against it and pushing the break and over it. the reality and the wait of the fangt that t fact that the shutdown is here and in effect. is that perhaps playing a large role into these conversations right now. as we have been talking about, there are proposals on the ta
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table. these do not address the key and components, mostly on daca, there is nothing related to daca of what's been offered on the floor. if that's the case, are these democrats willing to buy a firm position. >> you can see republican from tennessee but also lawmakers who's considered willing to make deal with the democrats and somebody really critical with the president in the past. what you see right now is individuals who don't want the government shutdown to continue beyond tonight but are torn by the specific policy requests that they made and won't be made anything that's on the table currently. it is unquestionably a difficult dynamic which i am not sure how they'll find their way out right now. don, i covered this place for a long time and i have not seen
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something like this where everybody helicopters to negotiate with live proposals hours into a vote that we know will fail but already did. >> you see bob corker speaking with elizabeth warren live on your television at midnight. how often do we need these two people and bob corker trying to negotiate something especially now on midnight live on television. >> traditionally to be bloununt. everybody knows where the deals with and what amendment is going to be offered and everybody knows kind of where the final votes are going to be. that's the interesting dynamic and fascinating to watch like a congress nerd at this point which i can admit to be. >> we like that though. that's good. >> the more interesting element is the recognition of the wait
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of the moment. you are seeing republican leader mitch mcconnell is starting to talk to chuck schumer and john cornyn and key staffers both are also in that huddle. this is my sense of things in watching this right now, don, this is the moment where they're going to call it a. i night and nothing is goin happen. it is not going to end. something has to happen. they have to move onto something else. it may be a shell holder or a procedure of motion will follow and likely the leaders will talk. if the vote goes down and there is no resolution, both sides need to understand they need to frame what's happening right now so you can absolutely expect to hear from leaders. the question is are they going to be saying blame game type
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stuff or talking about a deal that they're trying to strike right now. >> new title, senate nerds. >> bill, that's good, i am glad. when we needed that, we need to know exactly what's going on. this is an unprecedented moment to see this happening. again, the vote is still opened. they still have not close the vote yet. at midnight as you said, we have been reporting that's when it officially shutdown and kicks in. they can negotiate something now and have to work it through. the government is shutting down or is shutdown. both are accurate. i want you to standby, i want you to get back to the white hous house. jeff, i want to know what you make of this, you covered the white house in 2013. >> i did indeed don. an excellent play -by-play here.
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i am struck by this. moments ago sarah sanders referred to these people as losers. these are senators working on a deal. >> now we'll be hearing from senator mcconnell. we'll keep our eyes on this, don. this is something that clearly they're trying to work out a deal but important to remember. it takes both chambers here to do something so even if the when they would reach a deal - tomorrow, this would have to go back to the house of representatives. it is one reason that the house is staying in washington for the weekend. >> listen to this, don, as they call this gavel here. >> 50 and the nays is 49. >> majority leader? >> i had a motion reconsider to vote. >> motion entered.
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>> i want to call my colleagues apart of the white house and press secretary tonight, presumably on behalf of the administration simply says we'll not negotiate the status of unlawful immigrants while democrats hold our lawful citizens hostage over their reckless demands, appropriately represents the white house's view of where we are and mr. president, what we just witnessed on the floor was a cynical decision by democrats shoving aside millions of americans for political games. the government shutdown was 100% avoidable, completely unavoidable. now, it is imminent all because the democrats chose to filibuster a funding bill that
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contains nothing, not a thing that they support. nothing they do not support, perhaps, across the house some of our democratic colleagues are feeling proud of themselves. what has their filibuster accomplished? >> what does it accomplish? >> the answer is simple. their own government shutdown. shutdown affects the american people will come as no surprise. all week as we sit on the floor begged our colleagues to come to their senses, senate republicans have described exactly what this will mean. shutting down the government means delay pays and many thousands supporting their missions, it means furloughs. for the families of fallen
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heroes, it means a freeze on survivors b survivors's benefits. >> and access of hair, shutting down of treatments and so many americans struggling with opioid addiction. i am saying it is truth. thanks to the democratic leader decision, the health children program and low income families will slip closer to losing health coverage for their kids and many states, this is an emergency. i am having trouble understanding which one of these outcomes from our democratic colleagues could possibly be proud of. which one of it?
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ignore the governors including seven democrats who wrote to congress begging us to extend for nine million children. ignore the needs of americans who relies on the federal government for important services. they held all of it hostage over the completely unrelated issue of illegal immigration. republicans in the senate have done all that we can to continue the normal operation of the federal government and security a certainty for these kids. we can pass it tonight and goes to the president for sure, these kids will be okay.
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well, we are going to continue to do all that we can. we'll vote again so the american people knows who stands for them and when our friends across the isle remembers who it is, they actually represent we'll come together in a bipartisan discussion to be necessary to clean up all of this mess. we have all been having private conversations here on the floor, almost everybody on both sides don't understand how we ended up here. because of the stuff is not real. there is only one reason we ended up here. the shoe horning of illegal immigration ended this debate. having said this, there is a lot of sympathy in this body for doing something about the daca kids. it is not like nobody is
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interested in that. we have been talking about it for three months but the one reason we are where we are, is because we could not close out any of these other component parts because our friends on the other side said you got to deal with this issue. this issue is the key to getting defense spending. this issue is the key to get help for our kids and on and on. i think most of the american people believe shutting down the government over this issue does not everyone ripen until march is irresponsible. i have just listed all the people that's going to be adversely i mpacted by this action. we are going to keep on voting and the government maybe heading under shutdown but the senate is not shutting down.
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we are open to talk and resolve this. i don't think it makes the institution looks very responsible. the american people should expect better from us. . >> already, you are listening to senate majority mitch mcconnell starting off reading. here is chuck schumer. >> the majority leader just allowed us to vote on a continuing resolution that he knew lacked the votes long before this hour. it is not just democrats who opposed this c.r., several republicans did as well.
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all of today, we have enkedeavod to reach a deal. the healthcare issues and disaster relief and immigration issues. president trump reached out to me today this morning to invite me to the white house to talk all of these issues over. i accept it. we had a lengthy discussion. during the meeting, an exchange of daca, i reluctantly put the border wall for discussions. even that was not enough to entice the president to finish the deal. many democrats don't want to go that far on the border. many republicans don't either.
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but, we are willing to compromise with the president to get an agreement. in the room, it sounded tlilikee president was opened to accept it. this afternoon in my heart, i thought we may have a deal tonight. that was how far we have come. that's how positive our discussion felt. we had a good meeting but what has transpired in that office is indicative of the process of republicans have engaged in the negotiations thus far. everyone though president trump seemed to like an outline of a deal in the room, he did not presses his party in congress to accept it. speaker ryan and leader mcconnell without the commitment of the president would not agree to accept anything either.
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what happened to president trump who asked us to come up with a deal and promised that he would take heat for it. what happened to that president? he backed off at the first sign of pressure. we have the outline of the deal on caps and on healthcare, we have the outline of the deal on immigration, the toughest issue. we could have passed a short term on the funding so we can cross the t's and the i's and done it all. the president provided no guidance and prevailed again today unfortunately. the same chaos, the same d disey
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that's been in the background for these negotiations for months unfortunately appears. it is standing in the way of bipartisan solutions to all of the issues now before us. every american knows the republican party controls the white house, the senate, the house -- it is their job to keep the government open. it is their job to work with us to move forward. they did not reach out to us once on this c.r., no discussions and no debate. nothing at all. it was produced within an ounce of democrats and dropped on our laps.
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they control every ounce of the process and it is their responsible to govern and here they have failed. several republicans voted against the c.r. as well as democrats for the same reason we vote against it. one of the most serious consequences of having continuing resolution after continuing resolution is the damage it does to our military. as the pentagon spokesperson says last night, another c.r. is was wasteful and destructive. becau that's the navy secretary of what you have done. this is no way to conduc the nation's business. republicans know it, democrats know it and the american people
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know that this party is not capable of governing. so where do we go from here? i believe many of my republican colleagues sincerely want to get a deal. i know their hearts are in the right place. i know they lament the fact that we accept brinksmanship. now, all of these problems is because republican leadership cannot get to yes because president trump refuses to. mr. president, president trump, if you are listening, i am urging you, please take yes for
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an answer, the way things went today, the way you turn from a bipartisan deal, it is almost as if you were rooting for a shutdown. now we'll have one and the blame should crash entirely on president trump's shoulders. this will be called the trump's shutdown. this will be called the trump's shutdown because there is no one, no one who deserves the blame for the position we find ourselves in more than president trump. he walked away from two bipartisan deals, including one today in which i put the border wall on the table. what will it take for president trump to say yes and learn how to execute the government.
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tomorrow will mark a year of president trump took the oath of office on the capitol steps. unfortunately, a trump's shutdown would be a perfect encapsulation of the chaos he unleashed. instead of bringing us together, he pulled us apart. instead of governing us in the m middle, he outsourced to the extreme. he's been a single driving force in congress and now at this late hour, his behavior is on the verge of grinding our government to a halt, a trump shutdown.
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i know there are men and women of goodwill on the other side of the isle who are just as upset as i am with the direction we are headed in. i plead with them to see reasons and prevail upon their leaders and most of all the president to give us the space to work together to let us do the job the american people except us here to do. when president trump decides he's finally ready to lead his party to a deal, democrats will be ready, willing and eager to clinch it. there is a path forward, we can reach it quickly tomorr. tomorrow the president and the four leaders should charlotsit d finish this deal so the entire government can gaet back to wor on monday, yield the floor. >> there you have it, you heard from the majority leader and the minority leader there, you heard
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from mitch mcconnell and shuchu schumer lastly. mitch mcconnell is speaking again. >> the senator during alabama during his campaign says it was important. he listened to the seven democratic governors, he said this is an emergency, we need help. so there were five courageous democrats on the other side who stood up to this ridiculous argument. that it made sense somehow to shutdown the government over an illegal immigration issue that the vast majority of this body would like to do something about anyway. so i want to particularly commend the five democrats who had the courage to stand up to
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this ridiculous strategy that put their whole party, incredible predicament because as the white house just indicated, the president is not going to talk about the issue at all while the government shutdown. >> it made it quite clea clear -- said when democrats start paying our arm forces and first responders, we'll open our immigration and re-negotiation reform. this strategy eliminated the possibility on the thing that shuts the government down over. anybody can explain to me this strategy? i am perplexed. i was not first in my class but i was not last either. how does it get done of what will they're looking for?
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well, we'll continue to talk because when all the games stopped, the issues are still there. every single one of them are still there. the american people expect us to act like adults to get together and solve the problem. i will be offering an amendment to change the date to february the 8th. we are unfortunately not able to get that vote tonight but i will be subsequently asking for a consent. at some point we'll be voting on february the 8th. the democratic leader and i have been talking about, the senator from south carolina which begins to move a little bit closer to
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where our friends on the other side said they wanted to be but a reasonable period of time that takes into account the state of the union and party conferences, and just the amount of time it takes to actually write a bill once you have an agreement. i mean you cannot just reach an agreement and snap like your fingers and everything falls into place and you are ready to go. so a reasonable period --spto f degree and right to ready to pass, this negotiation settlement that we have been working on for months, february the 8th is a reasonable time. i hear the sentiment for that on both sides of the isle at some point. we'll vote on that option.
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i cannot get that vote tiept on but i am going ask that since to have that vote for tonight. i move mr. president to the table to the motion to refer. >> is there a second? >> mr. alexander. >> hi. >> mr. baldwin? >> mr. brazos. >> they're voting to see when they can bring this stuff again. again, you heard from senate minority leader and senate majority leader both there speaking. it is interesting what the blame is going around, mitch mcconnell started off by reading a statement by white house press secretary sarah sanders' basically saying they did not want to play politics with the dreamers and democrats. democrats saying it is going to
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be democrats' fault if the program is not funded and the children are not protective and he talked about putting people who's dealing with the opioid crisis turning their backs on them and talking about how the american people were going to be affected by. what most people could agree on, the american people should be upset that the government is working this way and they did not get together to come to some sort of deal to work it out. again, that was mitch mcconnell. he needs that to keep it open and they continue to work on this. chuck schumer coming up moments later, i think one of the things i want to point out and i will go through what chuck schumer said. schumer at least three times or possibly four referred to this as the trump shutdown which is now trending on social media. as you know the president and the administration have called it the schumer shutdown for a while now, he's saying that the only person that can be blamed
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now is the president. he says something that's interesting that he thought they would come to some osort of dea. he said the president called him up and invited him to the white house and had a productive meeting and in the spirit of bipartisan and giving something and he said he everyone put the border wall on the table everyone though democrats did not want to go that far and the president rejected that. so i think that's important to point out in our conversation as we continue because you know the blame game is going to go around and we'll assess this to try to figure out what happened and how we got to this point. i want to bring in our expert here phil mattingly who's watching this and jeff that's watching this on the white house line. to you phil, the date february
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8th that mitch mcconnell wants to put on the table, he's saying it takes a while coming up with legislation that everyone is happy with. unless something happens tomorrow as chuck schumer says the four leaders meaning the house leaders and the majority and snominority leaders in the senate could come together. it is leading me to believe that he thinks it may last longer than most people believe it may last. >> what is clear now and what's apparent at multiple different times throughout the day at least according to aids in both parties that i have been talking to is there is no clear resolution at this point. if they were not going to figure something out by tonight, this was going to drag on for a bit. the weekend provides them a little bit of space, the real teeth of the shut down does not hit until monday and a lot of cases. however, the dynamics here, don, these are so important in terms
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of what democrats actually want out of this and what the white house statements said and what mitch mcconnell is focused on the floor. democrats made it clear, they want some type of resolution to daca, the white house in their statement says that won't be in in discussion until some type of short term resolution is considered. mcconnell on the floor making the key distinction that what you are going hear probably every hour from republicans as long as this goes on that democrats are choosing a government shutdown in order to do something with undocumented immigrants. that's the focus and the framing from republicans and that shows you how difficult bridging this divide will be. what is interesting is that you noted, senator mcconnell putting up the idea that he will offer an amendment that'll change the date from four weeks to three weeks. that's been something that's batted around, don, we talked about it repaeatedly as a
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possible solution, that's what lyndsey graham is pitching to the floor to a large group of democrats. i am told democrats will not accept that. again, they have specific policy reques requests. if those are not met, there is no resolution in the near future. we talked about it a couple of times, the wild card is the president, i know from talking from several sources when senator came back from the meeting, he felt that they were in a good place and there is a possibility in the opening. when he said he put the wall on the table of a large request that the president have made and he was willing to concede and lay large piece that the funding request of the white house related to the building of that wall, that was what was on the table and it turned out that was not enough. i think what that all underscores here are of the dynamics that's on play. they should be decoupled and democrats have made it clear.
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that's a essential component of whatever the resolutions are going to be. this is not coming an end any time soon, don. >> important to point out, phil, what schumer said is tomorrow is the one year anniversary, it is right now. right now is tomorrow, it is 12:43 here on the east coast, the government is in the process of shutting down for 43 minutes. the first year of the trump's presidency was ushered in by the shutdown. that'll not sit well with the president of the united states and republicans and his administration who were his supporters there on capitol hill. >> yeah, everybody is aware of the optics and a lot of people have been talking about it throughout the week. the most interesting element is how does the president react? you have been talking to democrats who's been making this point. the last quarter maybe half of senator schumer's speech on the
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floor trying to lay the framework or what happens tonight is directing the president at one point saying, mr. president, if you listening please take yes or an answer and going onto say repeatedly that this was president trump shutdown. they want to make this about president trump. there is no question about it. the other issue here and this is important is it goes to the fact that people are not totally certain if the anniversary of the inauguration, if this important moment is going to have a real impact on the debate. they don't know up here on capitol hill. they're not sure wihere the president is going to go whether it is 280 kyle clarcharacters o statement from the white house. that's something that can shake things up in a way that leads to some resolutions that we cannot figure out what it will be or it can make things worse. >> phil mattingly, thank you
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very much. >> standby, i want to get to jeff. folks are concerned and wondering how are the president of the united states react. we have not heard directly from the president himself. the one year anniversary of the president of the united states inauguration going into a second year ushering in by a government shut down, jeff. >> there is no question about that. that's not how the president wanted to usher in his first year, he was expected and scheduled to be waking up tomorrow morning in mar-a-lago, his retreat in sunny palm beach celebrating the anniversary and instead he will wake up here at the white house, the house will be coming into sessions in the morning and there could be a series of meetings. there is a fight between if there is a shutdown, is it a
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schumer shutdown or a trump shutdown? it is an american shutdown. their voices sounded familiar to the eve of shutdown of 2013 of a couple of different players, the same rhetoric here. once you shift the blame away, the reality is of this president to lead the way out of this. one thing i was struck watching senator mcconnell talking about the five democrats that voted yes and he did not mention the four republicans that voted no. those are central on whatever the agreements that's worked out. that's rand paul, jeff flake and mike lee and lyndsey graham, it is not just a democratic shutdown here, the reality is, once cooler have prevailed and i think they will because both sides realized that it is not good for them. that's why mcconnell came back
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to the microphone and proposing for three weeks to february 8th. the question here is whether democrats go for that because they do not twawant the heat of this shutdown necessarily on some of their members particularly the one that is voted yes. >> mr. trump and mr. president, are you listening, we do not know if the president is watching. we can see the white house, a few lights are on. the president could be watching television, i don't know whether he is or not. he will be briefing what's happening now and how he decides to weigh in directly in the morning will set the tone for how long the shutdown will go and how they'll find their way out of it, don. >> all right, jeff, standing by at the white house, thank you very much. stick around, we have more to go. i want to bring in back david.
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by the way, at palm tomorrow, a high of 73 and won't be sunny. he may feel a little bit better about this. david, i want to ask you about this, do you think this will last for a while? >> i don't think so. so 2013 went on for 16 days and there is no question our politics are much more toxic now. look at what mitch mcconnell came out of the gate with. the white house statement calling democrats destruction losers and schumer coming back calling this on the shoulders of the united states. this is playing out right now. >> as he said trump shutdown over and over, oh, i thought it is not going well with the president. just now, once side now has to
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back down, again, their bases are going to energyize and this could last for a while. >> i want to talk about the statements of mcconnell and schumer. can we get the white house's statements up. you are saying they're playing politics and calling them losers. this is from sarah sanders. >> tonight they put politics above our national families and vulnerable children of our country and ability to serve our americans. this is a behavior of obstructionist losers, not le e
9:50 pm
legislators. duri the president and the administration will fight and protect the american people. >> david, how does language like unlawful immigrants and holding lawful citizens hostage and obstructionist losers, is that it's like bulletin board material. less than two weeks ago the president was saying we need a bill of love. around daca and the statement just now. calling democrats obstructionist and losers. if you look at all three statements, i think that senator schumer probably scored the points or drew the first blood or whatever. crazy analogy you want to use. because he took the schumer shut down hash tag and flipped it around and called it the trump shut down. signaling to the white house that at least tonight he and his caucus were not goij to back
9:51 pm
down. da d democrats will have to climb down. it would be crazy for democrats to not string this out for a little bit. or else republicans will still know they can push democrats around. i know that both parties want to make a deal and it would be better for the country if the government stayed open. but for two party system to work again i think you have to have a situation where both party have incentive to deal squarely at arms length. right now democrats are trying to prove republicans have to deal with them. that's why we're in the a shut down. >> were you surprised when chuck schumer mentioned he during that meeting at the white house he put the border wall on the table and the president according to to chuck schumer said no, even that couldn't win him over. >> we don't know the details of what he was proposing to the president. we heard from republicans today
9:52 pm
that the president was assuring them or the white house fts assuring them a deal was not going to be struck there. they were talking about general out lines for something. still a number of questions about what happened today. and a number of questions about what was happening on the senate floor over the past few hours. what were the senators discussing. mitch mcconnell broke news a few minutes ago when he said he's going bring up a shorter k krrgs r to february 8. to try to get a sense of urgency around getting the immigration negotiations going get. and getting them finished. before that next deadline. maybe that's going to be the middle ground that we are looking for here. so some sort of assurance from republicans to democrats that short of an immigration deal during the shut down they will have one in the next few weeks. >> david druker, mcconnell
9:53 pm
saying the american people should expect better of their leaders. >> well, both side of the aisle always talk about the american people. as though they're on their side. and paying attention. to what's happening in washington. i don't think many americans will notice over the weekend what's happening. and i don't think they'll be that shocked when they figure out the government has been shut down. we have been governing from crisis to crisis for the past six, seven years regardless of who's fault it's been. approximate people have been split. right now both sides are trying to figure out a way out of this. but a way out of this where they come out on top. for the democrats it's not as simple as calling it a trump shut down. and we saw some of that in the cnn polling today. voters when asked in the polls if they believe that a solution to the daca issue should be a part of budget negotiations,
9:54 pm
even though they believe the dreamers should stay and the issue should be fixed. there's not a huge majority of support for tieing that to budget discussions. and holding up a budget until you can reach a daca fix. that's part of the challenge that the democrats are going to have to figure out as they use the only power they have in town. their senate minority. and the super majority vote threshold in the senate. to try and get a deal. for republicans what they need to be careful about is the fact that because they do run both branchs of government the executive and legislative, ultimately voters could look to them to try and get some of the resolve. for the president, he can come out on top on this potentially. he has to look involved and he has to look like he's trying to find a solution. so that's sort of the game he
9:55 pm
has to play. what republicans in the senate are trying to do, we have sewn that. they're trying to give a little on the at a time. they're tieing themselves to the president and taking a chance that the president that by sticking with him and by staying unified they will keep the democrats cornered and end up winning this fight. >> what happened, david, to the deal maker? i alone can fix this. >> i think the deal maker will blame the swamp. and not take responsibility for this. it's that will be the democratic talking point. i do think as time goes by, it will be difficult for democrats. trump will be blamed. the other theme from schumer is chaos. chaos in the republican side. and their inability to govern. and that i think will resonate with people. some independents who voted for trump. the tweets play into this.
9:56 pm
and think about tomorrow morning. maybe the president has gone to bed. he likes to tweet early. he won't be happy. if he gets out there with tweets it adds to the chaos theme. the instability. the anniversary of his swearing in. it's not a good message for republicans. >> nice he can sleep with the -- i don't know what to do. he has a government job and wants to continue to work. >> the week will pass. the people i talked to about this where i work were confused about what's happening. they didn't understand. or who was to blame. as time goes by, the sense of chaos in the country of unpredictability hurts the president more than the democrats. >> i'm trying to get the i don't have the information, what the gentleman said to kennedy. it's on the screen. i was stopped by an older gentleman collecting our trash can. excuse me sir, did they pass a
9:57 pm
vote? they did not. i need to stop working by midnight. i said i need to hurry to finish. >> again. the deal makers promise was to make washington work. was to end all the games and get rid of the politicians and gets things done. as time goes by, he's failing. >> yeah. rebecca, so now what? that's what everyone is wondering. the gentleman working in washington. who is i assume with the janitorial service. what happens now? for people around the country and for those who are in washington? because chuck schumer say they need to come together and work on something. is that likely to happen tomorrow? >> right. it's likely senators will do that. and house members will do that. and leaders of both parties will be carrying on the negotiations. chuck schumer said the big four the big four leaders of in congress should get together and
9:58 pm
have the negotiations this weekend. the big question mark for me is what does the president say, what does he tweet? a few days ago he sort of unravelled the negotiations without any sort of warning. with a comment he made in the private meeting a at the white house. which was leaked. >> as they were saying i think it was mitch mcconnell. what happened between -- how did we get to this point? . the consensus from the room. my panel here and maybe you, the s hole comment happened. that actually what happened. and threw everything into chaos. they can look that far if they want blame. >> right. does that happen again? it could happen again. something like that could happen again. and so then does that extend the shut down for a few more days? for five more days. another week. the one thing with president
9:59 pm
trump that really unnerves leaders on both sides of the aisle in congress and really makes this negotiation so much more challenging is they truly don't know what the president will tweet tomorrow morning. they don't know what he will say to reporters. as he passes them on the lawn or meeting. and so that is the wild card. does he exhibit some sort of message of discipline. or go off the rails tomorrow when he's signs onto twitter. we don't know. >> house republicans and democrats will meet separately at 10:00 a.m. saturday. >> who knows what will happen in the negotiation. schumer again by telling people right on camera what he laid on the table in the deal. he got the better of mcconnell. this doesn't mean the democrats are going to win this battle. but schumer got out there and said he put border wall funding on the table. and the president waived him away. that number one has to enrage
10:00 pm
trump. because again his republicanation as a deal maker who can get things done behind the scenes and number two, schumer putting a shot across to mcconnell saying we tried to move forward. or i put the possibility out there. when you go into the negotiation over the weekend if the leadership goes to the white house, that's already been put out there for the entire american body politic to see. if i can say one quick thing about mcconnell saying how did we get here? i totally agree that the s hole comment was the straw that broke the camels back. we got here when there was a dream act vote in 2010. and the republicans voted against. a shut down in 2013 and republicans picked up seats in 2014. we know how we got here. again are pushing back. rats - >> thank you all. i have been informed we have another hour to


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